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Mike Riordan

My name is Mike Riordan
and I believe I'm the person you've been looking for.

No doubt, success is familiar to you.

You know what the view looks like from the top.

You’ve ticked most (if not all) of your ‘successful life’ boxes.

You’ve nailed the trajectory but what’s next?

You know there’s more in this life for you. A feeling, deep in your gut.

Let's do something about that.

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Together we can:

  • REDEFINE your purpose

  • REFOCUS and connect you with your significance

  • REDIRECT your life towards fulfilment

Keen to invest in you? Let’s talk possibilities and opportunities today.

Why trust me?

My Life Coaching Logo

Choosing fulfilment?

My Life Coaching Logo
Mike Riordan

Just like you, I’ve got runs on the board, having achieved success as a company director, business owner and athlete.

However, I realised that fulfilment was not a box I was ticking and chose to embark on the journey of refocusing on my life’s core desires.

This process enabled me to rediscover what I was put on this earth to do - support and guide people to become higher versions of themselves.

That’s why I’m confident I can help you.

Want to tap into your potential beyond the expected?

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